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In 1991, the dharmic code was amended by the Government of India to include a new chapter, Samartha, and an acceptance of "hindu principles" such as reincarnation, karma, and God. This would allow a percentage of some taxes collected to be used for charitable purposes. The dharmic code was further amended in 1995 to expand its coverage to include the agamas such as the Manusmriti. References External links Category:Hindu texts Category:Sanskrit texts Category:Hindu philosophical concepts Category:Religion in India Category:Religious texts Category:Religious law Category:Religious doctrines and movements Category:Law in India Category:Religion in AsiaOur digital radio is hooked up to two channels. It doesn't work all the time and when I need to change one channel (say, to radio, because the radio sucks) it has to rescan all the channels. Sometimes the digital radio turns on, sometimes it doesn't. I even have a circuit breaker on the back of the AVR, to disconnect power to the radio if necessary. This is a bluetooth problem and I believe I know how to solve it: I connected the dongle to my laptop and confirmed that it's recognized. I double clicked it from the list of devices, I see a switch for pairing the device to the computer. The AVR went to pairing the dongle when I closed and reopened it. The dongle is recognized by the AVR, since I see a green light in the setup window. So I'm missing something in the dongle's setup or the AVR. Any ideas? Also, the channel 5,6 is blank. It's not my phone. I have it in my pocket when I try to connect. Click to expand... That's a good sign that the dongle is operating properly. It was because of the problem that I had to use a friend's dongle. I also noticed that when I use my phone to connect, the dongle is automatically paired. That's probably because I have the phone in my pocket when I try to connect to the dongle. Useful Searches



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